Tatoeba Page Navigator

This is another Userscript for Tatoeba I already wrote quite some time ago. Now i wanted to revive it.

What it does: It transforms the current page number into an input field for navigation (beware, you might no even notice at first). You can type any number and press enter to jump to that page. The border of the input field will get red if the input is invalid and orange if the input can be corrected to something that makes sense; if it is green the number is valid. You can increment or decrement with the up and down keys before you hit enter to jump to the page. Zero will bring you to the last page, negative numbers will bring you to the n-th last page.

Additionally, the >>>>>> button loads the content of the next page without reloading the page. You can stay on the same page and load the next contents (although the script changes the address in the adress bar so you can go “back” to where you were before or reload on the right page).

If you want the script to automatically load the next page as soon as you reach the bottom, change the source code from autoTrigger: false, to autoTrigger: true, (currently at line 88). (I might implement a chekcbox in the settings soon.)

That’s about it. What you need to be able to run the script is Firefox and Greasemonkey. Then you can install the script directly by clicking the following link:


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